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Execution & Advisory

Independence, global coverage and strong investment expertise


Our trading and advisory services can help to manage your clients’ portfolios more efficiently. You’ll have the backing of our specialists, so you’ll be in control but not on your own. Our independence ensures that your interests are at the heart of what we do. As a financial professional, you can access and follow-up on our ideas  and research via our proprietary online trading dashboard.

Implementing market views

To allow you to implement your market views in your clients’ portfolios we can provide you with a wide range of investment tools:

  • A selection of 200 exchange traded products covering all major regions and asset classes
  • Access to today’s investment themes via Lombard Odier certificates
  • Bespoke structured products that allow our clients to rapidly implement their personal views

Direct access

Expertise of an Investment Bank Service of a Private Bank


Our specialised traders in Geneva, Montreal and Hong Kong can execute your orders for all major markets and products around the clock, ensuring best execution practices at all time. Our transparent reporting tools allow you to evaluate our added value, and through our commission sharing agreements you can select the research that best suits your needs.


You can interact directly with our investment professionals, who can give you investment advice on all major asset classes that is tailored to the needs of your clients.


Advisory advantages

One team. Asset class specialists working together, providing you with their best-in class investment ideas.

Trading advantages

  • No proprietary activity resulting in full independence with no pooling or conflict of interest
  • Intensive monitoring of our trading partners, limiting counterparty risk
Main player
  • Volumes traded in 2016 of over CHF 372 billion
  • Over 3,100 transactions per day
  • As a Tier 1 Bank we are connected to the top brokers worldwide
  • One of the top 3 derivative agents in Switzerland
Quality service
  • 24-hour access to our trading desks (Geneva, Montreal, Hong Kong)
  • On-the-spot execution with our traders
  • Best execution on all asset classes
  • Live monitoring of volumes, large inflows/outflows that can greatly impact the implementation of trades
  • With Direct Access you are not alone when implementing your trade. Our experienced traders are a call away